Finding the Best Electric Tankless Water Heater can take some time however it is definitely worth the effort, especially for those of you operating within tighter budgets.  The best Electric Water Heater will have the same great money saving potential as a gas operated version however the main advantage of an electric system is the relatively low installation cost, something which is attractive to many consumers.  As you might expect, some of the most high tech models on the market right now are electrically powered, with digital temperature control and electrical automation settings for safety and pre-configured temperature regulation being just 2 areas where technology is becoming very advanced, yet still highly functional and easy to operate.

In the past even the top rated electric Tankless Water Heaters could not match the flow rate and capacity of their gas powered siblings, however that is now no longer the case.  Advancements in technology and the exponential growth in popularity of electrically powered systems in recent years has resulted in many Tankless Water Heater manufacturers investing heavily in this side of their product offering.  One thing to be aware of however is that electric units can have ever so slightly higher running costs than gas units due to how cheap gas and propane can be, although as mentioned above electrical models are much cheaper to install and only really require a power socket to get started rather than having to physically acquire gas and propane.  

We would recommend electric models for those of you looking for a low initial investment but do not mind paying slightly more a month over the long term, although a Tankless Water Heater will always save you a considerable amount of money more per month than if you were not using one previously.  we would also recommend electric units to those of you who would prefer a more high tech product or for those of you looking for much more accurate temperature regulation, as electric units boast second to none digital temperature control.  ​These are all points that must be considered prior to making any kind of buying decision, you have however came to right place. Below we have reviews and comparisons of the 5 best electric models on the market right now, all of which are excellent and should cover the requirements of the vast majority of consumers with recommendations to match specific consumer requirements.


The Rheem RTE 13 is a small and powerful unit, sporting a compact design of just 9 x 10 x 5 inches this would perfect for those of you living in apartments or perhaps for use somewhere more unusual such as a boat or cabin.  Like all electric Tankless Water Heaters it heats water using internal heat exchanger and sensors as opposed to water heated using a gas or propane flame meaning there is no need to install a ventilation system, again making it great for apartment dwellers.  

Rheem's RTE 13 is most often used by consumers in a "point of use" capacity, meaning it operates at it's optimum performance level when installed as closest to the system which requires hot water, such as a shower, bath or sink etc, although some consumers have stated they use this model as a whole house water heater.  The unit boasts an impressive flow rate for it's size of 4GPM and electrical operating specs are 240 volts and 13 KW respectively.​  The rugged little unit has a robust copper/brass heater exchanger and as you might expect due to it's smaller size plumbing connections are 1/2".  As with all good electric models the Rheem RTE 13 has a powerful on-unit temperature control for increased accuracy of temperature regulation and many, many consumers have stated monthly savings of around $30-$40 per month, most of whom are surprised by this as they underestimated the product due to it's small size.